formaplan stands for quality in line with the German benchmark.  

We are committed to reliability, professionalism, trust and control as part of every order. The quality of our products is guaranteed by our internal QA system certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.Frequent internal and external audits ensure permanent optimisation with a constant eye on quality across all areas. We process primary material from sustainable forestry.



formaplan stands for innovativeness in products and materials. 
In 1969 we invented the foil-wrapped folding drawer and have since
constantly surprised our customers with our progress and advancements. We develop useful and results-driven solutions together with
our customers, free of restrictions in relation to material, surface, 
design and logistics.

formaplan is focussed on internationality. Our partners in Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Finland and Benelux promote our open-minded attitude, while our renowned customers from Europe and beyond appreciate our German virtues. Communication across borders is just as much a part of everyday business as furniture is to East Westphalia.

formaplan also means: sustainability. Our approach is focussed on results. The pioneering technology in our power plants utilises waste wood as a renewable energy source and converts heat into power. This strengthens our independence and has cut our CO2 emissions by 70 percent. Our unique and innovative energy management promotes the careful use of resources by every single employee.

formaplan appreciates the human factor. Our employees are our 
guarantee of success. Ensuring a consistently high level of expertise and performance as well as the safe and effective interaction be-tween man and machine is a daily challenge.